Vocab Time

Listed are words that I encounter in the community and those I learned in my Japanese language lessons. I want to learn the language so that I can read and watch without relying on English subtitles, and because It is an added skill which can add pay for my job as well.

I am not a fluent Japanese speaker, I am still learning and this blog is a way for me to remember words. Learn with me!

Aki (あき)

Fudanshi (ふだんし)

Fujoshi (ふじょし)

Fuyu (ふゆ)

Haru (はる)

Natsu (なつ)

Watch out for Cebuano word Trivia in my Vocab Time posts. Cebuano is the dialect we use in Cebu in the Philippines. The words are based only on what I have used in my daily life. The sounds of the letters in Cebuano is similar to Nihonggo.