Hi I’m Jenorillo and Welcome to Closet Weebo! This is a feel good blog about Anime, Manga, and Live action drama. I’ve been an Anime fan since grade school and up until now. Despite being in my 30s, I still enjoy Anime and Manga. Being an Anime fan is difficult in the adult world, especially if none of your co-workers share the same interest. I’m uncomfortable with sharing about Anime on my social media platforms and I can’t even talk about it with the people around me everyday because it’s not their interest.

I created this blog as a platform for me to talk and share about my love for Anime, Manga, and Live Action dramas. I also have a personal blog for travel and regular daily life, but it seemed so difficult for me to come up with topics. I don’t know how to maintain that blog. I’m really sad about it. Through Closet Weebo I can talk to you, reader, about Anime and maybe you can recommend some for me too. I will be sharing my favorites, watch lists, favorite characters, do small reviews, and the like. Links to my favorite Anime sites will be included in some posts as well.

I hope I can recommend an Anime that you will enjoy and share the joy of this hobby. Click that Follow button to keep up with updates. Cheers!

Why Closet Weebo?

A feel-good blog about Anime, Manga, and Jdorama. I am admittedly, a Closet Weeb. I’m sorry, I am not proud of it. I don’t openly talk about my love for anime with my colleagues because they don’t share the same interests. They can’t really relate. I have sort of, given up looking for friends who… Continue reading Why Closet Weebo?