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Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals: Finding Captain Yamato [Part One]

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals is a full force comedic relief of the Naruto universe. I never had the chance to follow Naruto series before, but here I am now in 2020 with no job and with depression and Naruto is doing great at helping me cope with mental stress.

Following the 500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden, Captain Yamato was, and still is, my favorite character. I was disappointed when he followed the same fate of other amazing supporting characters. Nevertheless, He is still a great guy and my favorite member of Team 7. Naruto Shippuden was filled with darkness, which is probably why I enjoyed this spin-off series. This show is non-canon, but it’s a very fun addition.

To the delight of many fans Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee are given their well-deserved screen time. We finally get a taste of the energetic dynamic and bond of Team Might Guy. Captain Yamato also has a spotlight as he appears in every episode. The series is very enjoyable and playing the game “Where is Captain Yamato?” made it extra special.

Note that I don’t own the images and spoilers are included. Let me share with you the clips where I found Yamato in Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals. I won’t mention episode numbers and the clips are not arranged chronologically.

For the first set of image, most of these were when Captain Yamato will catch you off guard, so watch out! The last clip is the only time the Anime shows Lady Tsunade’s real form, but we know she’s not really that old. Please don’t take this Anime seriously.

Captain Yamato fans will be delighted with this Sports fest episode as he gets even more screen time. The set of images above and below this paragraph are found in one episode. This show is full board on fan service and each episode follows a story which is funny and heartwarming as well. It’s satisfying to see the Team Guy which we never got to experience in the original series.

Refering to the image above, Kakashi keeps defeating Yamato. But it was too sly of him to distract Yamato with his Icha Icha Tactics novel. I’m still at episode 15 and at this point I can’t take Kakashi, Neji, Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Captain Yamato seriously anymore. It’s full of laughs and there are many intentional jokes directed at the original story.

Konohamaru is one of the supporting characters that appear in many episodes as well. It was amusing that he was included in their field trip and sleep over considering that he is their junior. But then I reminded myself that this is a spin-off comedy anime that defies any kind of logic and reasoning. It’s fun having Konohomaru because fans love him, I love him. So did you see Captain Yamato on TV? We also don’t know how he ended up inside Orochimaru’s snake with Might Guy.

Captain Yamato is everywhere in this show and I’m enjoying every part of spotting him! He plays every role, but we never really hear him speak. His expressions are enough to make you smile and laugh.

Most of it are just ridiculous, but knowing that this show is about Might Guy’s Team gives it sense. I like watching this at night and usually found myself rolling with laughter at every episode. All the characters are voiced by the original voice actors from the Naruto Series as well.

Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals is the anime adaptation of the Manga Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden by Kenji Taira. It mostly shows the daily life of our favorite Shinobis in Konohagakure. Released at 2012, the Anime runs only at 51 episodes with very catchy opening and ending songs. All the characters are in chibi form and they are very cute. The story lines are entertaining too. Many Fans skip this series as it’s non-canon. But I personally enjoyed it, just don’t take it seriously. It’s for pure fun and comedy! I’m still around episode 15 and I will post a Part Two once I found all the other Yamato’s up to the last episode.

Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden (Volume) - Comic Vine


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