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Too Soon, Remembering Haruma Miura (April 1990-July 2020)

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Haruma Miura (April 5, 1990 – July 18, 2020)

Death has been looming. I opened my phone yesterday finding two acquaintances with relatives who passed away, and it’s an addition to the five other deaths a few days ago. Then this afternoon I came across this. The Actor Haruma Miura passed away at a young age of 30 years old. He was found dead just this afternoon, July 18, 2020, in his apartment in Tokyo and suspected to have committed suicide. The investigation is still ongoing.

Notes: I don’t own the images. These serve as a Memorial for the deceased artist.

Miura Haruma info | K-Drama Amino
Haruma Miura as Shota Kazehaya in Kimi ni Todoke

I fondly remember Haruma Miura as Shota Kazehaya in the live-action movie of Kimi ni Todoke. He portrayed a very warm and charming character that it leaves me in disbelief that he ended with such fate. Haruma Miura had many successful movies and dramas after Kimi ni Todoke as he died as a popular young actor in Japan. Many people might recognize him from the “Attack on Titan” Movie released last 2015. Let’s look back and revisit some of the characters he portrayed.

Ren Kazama of Gokusen 3 (2008) and Gokusen the Movie (2009)

Gokusen is a known Manga, however, Ren Kazama played by Haruma Miura appears only in the drama and is not in the Manga and Anime. The series was released when Haruma Miura was 18 years old. Even as a supporting character, he caught the eyes of the viewers. His goods looks are undeniable, but we know that it also takes good acting for fans to remember a character. It is during this year that Haruma Miura is starting to showcase his name and talent.

Fujimaru Takagi of Bloody Monday (2010)

The success of his supporting roles led him to one of his first leading roles in the Manga based series Bloody Monday together with Takeru Satoh. At that time, Haruma Miura was 20 years old with a promising career in Japan’s film industry.

Shota Kazehaya of Kimi ni Todoke (2010)

To me, he is remembered as Kazehaya in Kimi ni Todoke. Capturing the character’s charming smile, he also takes the viewers and Sawako’s heart. It’s hard to believe that such a bright face and beaming eyes would take his life just 10 years after this film.

Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan (2015)

5 years after Kimi ni Todoke, Haruma Miura starred in the internationally released live-action film Attack on Titan. He has significantly matured and we see a different side of him through this character. Do note that Haruma Miura has had many more projects before this film.

Kamotaro Itou of Gintama (2018)

One of his most recent live-action characters was as Kamotaro Ito of Gintama. Gintama live-action is actually a good adaptation of the Anime. Haruma Miura is a talented actor and the varied personalities of the characters he portrays are testaments to that.

Going through Haruma Miura’s photos, I noticed that his appearance has drastically matured in the past 10 years more compared to other artists. Stress and other personal troubles that burden us reflects on the outside. Somehow, I wanted to mention that because of the sparkle that he had in his eyes in his earlier years and those big smiles are rarely found in his recent images.

Along with the rest of the recently departed, may you Rest in Peace Haruma Miura. Everyone, If you have the time, regardless of your belief, let us offer a prayer or a thought to all the departed and their families regardless of the cause of death.


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