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A Random List of 15 Anime of the Early 2000

This is a random list of anime I watched from the late 1990s to early 2000. These were some of the shows I followed on Television when streaming on the internet wasn’t even a thing yet. I didn’t include some of the household names in the community like Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Some of these anime are already more than 20years old. Old but Gold.

1. Ah! My Goddess! (2005)

This is a classic anime that is well-loved. Ah! My Goddess is a love story between a human, Keiichi Morisato, and a Goddess, Belldandy. Keiichi summoned Belldandy accidentally and he wished for her to be with him forever. Together they face the obstacles that hinder Belldandy from fulfilling Keiichi’s wish.

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2. Angelic Layer (2001)

Angelic Layer was created by Clamp, the creators of Magic Knight Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Misaki Suzuhara was introduced to Angelic Layer. It is a battle between dolls that are custom made and mentally controlled by its owner. She meets a man who allows her to compete in Angelic Layer tournaments. The story centers on Misaki and her Angel Hikaru going through the challenges in Angelic Layer, they also gain the viewer’s attention as a talented newbie.

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3. Ayashi no Ceres (2000)

From the creators of Fushigi Yuugi, we have Ayashi no Ceres or Ceres Celestial Legend. It wasn’t as sensual as how Fushigi Yuugi got, but it still gave my younger self chills if I watched it in front of my parents. Aya Mikage is the reincarnation of Ceres, a powerful Celestial Maiden. Her brother, Aki, is a reincarnation of Mikagi, the former husband of Ceres who stole her Celestial Robe to let Ceres stay on earth. Every time Ceres is able to take over Aya, she wants to take revenge on Mikagi. But Aya convinces Ceres not to hurt her brother and promises to help her find her robe. The story also highlights the love story of Aya and Touya, a man who has loved Aya for as long as he can remember and he holds a connection with Ceres and her robe. If you’ve watched Fushigi Yuugi, they will remind you of Miaka and Tamahome a bit.

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4. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (1998)

This was the anime that I really liked but then didn’t continue airing on our local Television. It was a long time ago. I was frustrated and just forgot about it. I recently remembered this anime and now, I have the chance to watch and complete it! The setting is in the future. Linna, Priss, Sylia, and Nene are a secret renegade group called the Knight Sabers who go after rogue boomers, humanoid robots made as working labor force in Tokyo. They wear specialized cyborg suits at night to face these rogue boomers. The Police are not fans of Knight Sabers but soon appreciate their help. The leader of the Knight Sabers, Sylia, is the daughter of the man who created the boomers. But after her father was murdered, the boomers were no longer functioning as to how they should be. The company handling the boomers also create more advanced technology that makes the situation worse.

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5. Chrono Crusade (2003)

When you were an Anime fan of the past, you know that completing a series is not easy. I’m re-watching this series because I finally can! The story centers on Sister Rosette and her soul bound demon Chrono. They go on missions together to exorcise demons. When they met, Chrono was weak because Aion, his evil brother, took his demon horns. Rosette made a Contract with Chrono to give him the power to help her save her brother who was taken by Aion. Chrono gains power from Rosettes’ Soul, but it shortens her life. He deeply cares for Rosette and usually appears as a child to preserve her life longer. The ending is tragically heartwarming and clenching at the same time.

I read that Chrono Crusade Anime ended very differently compared to the Manga. There are significant differences, and I plan on reading the manga. I can usually tell that I enjoyed an Anime if I want to read it’s manga when I crave for more content and understand the story more.

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6. DN Angel (2003)

DN Angel is about Daisuke Niwa who belongs in a family with Dark Angel’s DNA. Every boy in their family transforms into Dark starting at age 14. Dark is a phantom thief who steals artistic items with magical properties. Dark becomes Daisuke’s alter ego and they can communicate with each other in the same body. Daisuke transforms into Dark at night, and strangely, Daisuke can change back to himself if he feels love. Daisuke also meets Satoshi, who also transforms into Kard, Dark’s rival. To Dark’s dismay, Satoshi and Daisuke become close friends.

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7. Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (1999)

This is another anime that I had totally forgotten about until my brother randomly asked me about it. Reading the plot as an adult really hits differently. The story of this anime is actually really good, it is not just your ordinary mecha anime. They also face conflicts of parallel worlds where there’s a version of every character except for our protagonist, Kazuki Yotsuga. I hope they’ll make a remake because the story is really interesting and I think many young viewers can’t appreciate old animation. Kazuki Yotsuga starts as a normal high school student who has visions of robots in battle. One day, he suddenly finds himself in a parallel universe with his school mate Mitsuki Sanada. In this universe, Kazuki isn’t born, so he has no version of himself. Mitsuki Sanada on the other hand meets her version who is called Mitsuki Rara and has an entirely opposite personality. They face battles and challenges until it started disrupting the original world of Kazuki and Mitsuki Sanada.

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8. Galaxy Angels (2001)

Galaxy Angels is a very light-hearted and fun Anime full of Comedy. Most of the time, I get lost in the fun that I get lost in the story. I really need to re-watch this and try to understand it more. As I kid, I was usually confused about how the story progressed because I was lost in the fun. I still enjoyed it though. After reading the plot now, it sounded complicated. Milfeulle, Vanilla, Mint, Forte, and Ranpha are assigned to look for Lost Technology from the past with unknown powers. There are heartwarming episodes and moments as well once you get past all the wackiness.

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9. Gatekeepers (2000)

The animation of Gate Keeps felt unique in its own way. I loved the drawing style and in the year 2000 it looked ahead of its time. Gatekeepers are set in the late 1960s and aliens want to take over the world. A secret organization, named A.E.G.I.S gathers members called the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers can open a dimensional gate where they can get paranormal energy for their powers. They have different abilities and different ways to unleash their gates. As they go through each battle, the gatekeepers also form a strong bond. The main protagonist, Shun Ukiya joins the group with his childhood friend Ruriko.

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10. Get Backers (2002)

I love this action Anime! I loved it so much that I sacrificed my allowance to buy its DVD, along with Saiyuki, at High School. I even covered my notebooks with Get Backers. My knowledge is limited to the Anime for now. Ginji Amano and Ban Mido call themselves as Get Backers. They offer a retrieval service, they will retrieve anything that you want or need. Their missions usually high risk, but they get by because of their special skills and powers. This Anime is mostly action and comedy.

The Manga offers more content, obviously, and it reveals that Get Backers live in a world created by Ginji’s mother so that Ginji can live. I haven’t dived into the Manga yet because there’s so much to read and watch! Writing this post made me remember all the great anime I grew up with. Before, the materials on Anime were limited to the Television. I would also go to Internet Cafes and print photos in color but it was so expensive. But now, I can read all the Manga and watch the Anime I want, the downside now is I don’t know where to start.

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11. Kaleido Star (2003)

This is the only Anime I have seen that is about Circus life. It’s a Cirque du Soleil of Anime. Their performances, the dances, and stunts look really great and it is very entertaining! Sora Naegino is an acrobat and dreams of performing at the Kaleido Stage. Despite missing the Auditions for Kaleido Stage, she is lucky to be accepted. But it doesn’t please the current performers who worked hard to be part of the group. With hard work and dedication, and the help of Ken, Sora eventually earns the respect of the Kaleido Stage performers and soon considers her as one of them. I never hear people talking about this Anime, which saddens me. It’s rally good anime about dedication and perseverance.

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12. Midori no Hibi or Midori Days (2002)

I still remember watching this Anime, but I can’t remember where! I can’t remember if it was in Animax or Hero TV. This is a short and very cute love story. Seiji falls in love with his right hand, yes his right hand. It sounds depressing but his right hand is actually a girl. She is Midori, is a normal high school girl who is in a coma. During the time her body was in Comatose, she was the right hand of Seiji. Midori always liked Seiji but only observes him from afar. This was her chance to get close to him. It was never directly explained how Midori became Seiji’s hand. But Seiji was in desperate need of a girlfriend and didn’t want to spend his life with his right hand if you get what I mean. The best explanation I read was that it was similar to the Pygmalion effect. Honestly, The concept is so funny now that I’m an adult. I still love and enjoy the story! Midori is very lovable.

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13. Rave Master or Groove Adventure Rave (2001)

I almost completed this Anime when they ran a Marathon on channel AXN when I was a kid. Rave also has that opening song that gives me a happy nostalgic vibe. We follow the adventure of Haru Glory, Plue, and Ellie to find the Rave Stones that are scattered all over the world. Along the way, they discover the past and memories of Ellie and Plue. Ellie is one of my first Anime Girl crush and Plue is the cutest pet ever! The anime has action, comedy, drama, and fantasy. It has it’s light-hearted and fun moments, but also dark and sad times. I read somewhere that Rave Anime or Manga? was cancelled. But I haven’t read it fully yet. This is another Anime worth re-watching!

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14. Vandread (2001)

There was a lot of science fiction mecha Anime during the ’90s, and this is one of my most favorite. Vandread is set in the future where Men and Women already live in different and opposing planets. Our protagonist, Hibiki, is found by Dita who thinks that he is an alien since it is her first time seeing a man. Hibiki is captured by the women along with two other men, Bart and Duelo. The three men were held captive but soon finds ways to be helpful to the women of Nirvana. Dita, Jura, and Meia soon develop a bond with Hibiki as he fights with them with the mecha Vanguard. Vandread also centers on Dita and Hibiki’s relationship. In the second season, a new character is introduced who becomes Dita’s rival to Hibiki.

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15. You’re Under Arrest (1996)

Aside from the Science Fiction Anime, here we have a dose of normal life. You’re Under Arrest is the story of two Police Woman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The Anime focuses on the life of Natsumi Tsujmoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa as patrolling and dedicated policewomen. Natsumi first meets Miyuki when Miyuki gives her a traffic ticket. Natsumi didn’t trust Miyuki at first, but they soon share a strong bond as partners.

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