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I used to want to live in Japan. What changed my mind?

Being interested in Japan will come naturally if you enjoy Anime and Manga. Obviously, because all good Anime and Manga originated from Japan, created by the Japanese, the whole story and content are based on Japan and the Japanese. We voluntarily submit ourselves to this brainwash that Japan is the best country.

As a child, I did want to go to Japan to study and live there. I wanted to learn Japanese and imagined myself finding a handsome Japanese guy. I was young and life revolved around fictional people. But as I grew older, I slowly drifted away from watching Anime, but I still had that small obsession with Japan.

Fast forward to when I was working, that changed. I had the chance to work and interact with many Japanese, mostly tourists. My Japanese coworkers, all ladies, were really fun and nice. It wasn’t hard getting close with them and I think my quiet personality helped with that. Many Japanese tourists were very sweet and also asked for photos with me, probably because I looked very Filipino? I dunno. I had fun working with them along with my fellow Filipino and Korean colleagues. But I had the chance to observe the reality of Japanese Culture.

At first glance, they are generally really nice and sweet people. They keep their rooms clean, observe the no noise policy, and smokes in designated smoking areas. Even if we can’t communicate in Japanese, they were very forgiving and sweet. But you will soon realize that most of this is a mask. They are people who were taught to be pleasant at all times as to not look bad and not make the other person feel bad face to face. I get where they’re coming from as I am like that sometimes as well. But most of them are at an extreme.

This is only one thing I don’t like about their culture. Not all Japanese are like this, but the general population is. I didn’t like the unauthenticity. They are masters at hiding their disinterest and dissatisfaction. They were generally nice to us, non-japanese because they couldn’t speak English well, but they strongly complained to our Japanese Staff. I’d be boggled why they got angry with my Japanese colleague when they were very sweet with me a few seconds ago. They are also very fond of writing their complaints. They will tell you it’s okay no matter how many times you ask them, but after that, you will receive a really long complaint sheet. It was frustrating really.

Filipinos can be like this at a certain point as well. They won’t say anything but backbites you after, though it varies depending on the person. But for the Japanese, it’s more cultural.

I am writing this to show that not all people like me, Anime fans, want to migrate to Japan. Kind of off for me writing this in this Anime blog. I still want to go to Japan, but only as a tourist. I am still enamored with their art and their food! I still have other reasons, like the following:

1. Working environment. Workers are expected to do overtime and they are required to do extra activities after work as well.

2. Communication Barrier. I am learning Japanese, but it will take a while. Especially learning Kanji. wew.

3. Weather and natural calamities such as earthquakes and tsunami.

4. Expensive! I am used to living in a spacious house with a yard and I don’t think I can afford such housing in Japan.

5. Smoking. A lot of Japanese are smokers and many establishments allow smoking inside. I just can’t, I have a low tolerance to tobacco smell.

6. Female rights. Though, I read that the rights of females are improving in Japan. But it is still far from how it is in the Philippines and Western countries. Women are still considered generally more fragile and lower than men.

These are the reasons why I don’t want to live in Japan. My goal here is not to discourage you but present the realities that you will encounter and have to accept there. It’s great if you are unfazed after reading this post, Go for it! Every country has its own pros and cons. In the end, it is your preference.

I am a Filipino, many Filipinos like to migrate, but I actually love living in the Philippines, I prefer being a tourist in other countries. Nothing beats the comfort of home. This is my Preference.

Let me share some insights from a Japanese. Nobita is a Youtuber from Japan and he made a video that confirmed my thoughts. He has really good content:

Top 10 Reasons not to move to Japan

Another 10 Reasons not to move to Japan

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