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A Love Story with a Strange Title: I want to eat your Pancreas

A video of an anime opening music was randomly recommended to me on Youtube. It was from the Anime Movie titled “I want to eat your Pancreas” (Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai / 君の膵臓をたべたい). The video comments were all praises about the movie and they said it was an underrated tearjerker, so I was curious.

Note that there will be spoilers and all images are taken from the Anime.

I want to eat your Pancrease (Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai / 君の膵臓をたべたい)

The Movie was released last 2018. In the beginning, we are at the funeral of Sakura, the female protagonist, and we see Haruki, the male protagonist, in his room devastated over her death. I liked how the movie is telling us early on that Sakura is going to die. Expectations are set that it’s a story about a dead girl.

Brief Protagonist Background:

Haruki and Sakura were classmates. But Haruki was the aloof and quiet guy in their class, and Sakura was the pretty friendly girl that everyone liked. Haruki accidentally found Sakura’s diary titled “Living with Dying” and discovered that she had a terminal illness. Sakura hid her illness from all her friends and kept a happy disposition to cover suspicion. When Haruki found out, she was surprised that he didn’t have any reaction and asked him to promise not to tell anyone.

Haruki didn’t have close friends, so he told Sakura that she doesn’t have to worry about him telling anyone. Sakura saw it as a chance to speak with Haruki who she always found interesting. She then decides that she wants to spend time with Haruki who doesn’t treat her any differently despite her illness.

Did I enjoy the Movie? I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.

I liked the beginning, but halfway through I felt annoyed and frustrated. Sakura was selfish for suddenly coming into Haruki’s life and spending so much time with him knowing that she’s going to die. Maybe she thought that Haruki didn’t care since he always kept to himself. Sakura also didn’t try defending Haruki when he was suddenly the topic of ridicule and just because he spent time with her. She could have at least told Kyoko, her best friend, a white lie like how she usually does. It seemed like she was using Haruki for her own pleasure. Especially when she forced him to spend the night with her at a hotel and teased him about doing the deed at her house. I was honestly glad that Haruki almost lost his self-control and made her cry. I wanted to stop the movie at that point.

I tried understanding Sakura considering her situation. Her doctors could only tell her that she won’t live long, thus she wants to experience life as much as she can. She is also very young, emotional, and fragile.

Her friend Kyoko was also a pain to watch. She was being very mean to Haruki just because he didn’t seem like an interesting guy and thought that he didn’t deserve Sakura’s attention. She didn’t even know Haruki that well to insult him. Again, I tried understanding that she was being protective of her friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend. But I still hated her, most especially after Haruki asked to talk to her after Sakura died. She could have at least heard him out.

Did I finish the movie? Yes, I did.

Sakura was very pushy and Haruki was being considerate because she was dying. He most likely found her attractive even for a bit at the start, and that attraction grew. I sat through the whole movie because there was a development in the plot and characters. Sakura’s purpose was to help Haruki change his mindset about people to make friends and enjoy life with them. As Haruki learned to care for Sakura, he slowly discovers how wonderful it is to have someone there for you and need you as well.

Sakura’s death was unpleasant. We expected her to die of her illness, not of murder. I pitied Haruki because Sakura died when they were going to meet. I can’t imagine the weight of the blame he had. The best part of the movie came when Sakura’s mother passed on the diary to Haruki. Here we discover more of Sakura’s feelings and the reasons for her actions. Haruki was, of course, devastated because he found that Sakura felt the same way and that she understood him.

I personally liked how the movie emphasized that they were meant to be because their names were of the Spring season. Sakura, a flower that blooms in Spring, and Haruki, which means Springtime.

They didn’t directly tell each other I love you, but they used the words “I want to eat your Pancreas”Sakura explained at the beginning that there was a legend, that if you eat a part of another person then they will live with you forever. Here is a link to a Reddit page about it. There’s a really good explanation as well from fans.

Did I like the movie overall?

Putting aside my frustrations, it was a good movie. I found it dragging half-way, but I liked the ending. How Haruki showed more emotions and how he took Sakura’s advice to make friends. You should watch out for the after-credits scene. I would recommend it, since there are some people who actually enjoyed the whole of it and cried buckets. But I will share my frustrations. Honestly, watching a coming-off age love story is getting difficult as I get older. Emotions can run wild when you’re a teenager. As an adult, I tried recalling my dramatic teenage self just to empathize with these young characters.

I also found that this had a live-action adaptation. But the title is “Let me eat your Pancreas.” The reviews say that the live-action has a different stroke of the story. I’m adding it to my watch list for now. Have a good day Everyone!


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