Wotakoi: Love is Difficult for an Otaku

Wotakoi: The Story Compilation of Nao Nifuji and Kou Sakuragi [Part Two]

This is a continuation of the story of Naoya Nifuji and Kou Sakuragi. I compiled their story into two posts for those who want to read only about Nao and Kou from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku. I used images with moments that were significant in their development. If you haven’t read Part One, click here.

Note that this post contain spoilers and sources are from the Manga. I don’t own the images.

In Part One, we ended when Nao saw Kou exit the female restroom. He was shocked and so was Kou as she didn’t plan for Nao to find out that way.

Kou was so ashamed that she cried and ran. Nao was about to speak as he probably wanted to apologize, but he was surprised when Kou cried.

The next day Kou didn’t attend classes and avoided Nao. She regrets not telling him earlier and thinks that he is most probably mad, but Nao is not like that. He was very worried and thinks that Kou might be angry at him. Nao is very sad because things were not how it used to be. He enjoyed his time with Kou. The confused Nao called Narumi for advice. Here we see that Nao really cares for Kou because he noticed that she finally smiled and was devastated when she cried.

Narumi is an amazingly sweet big sister to Nao. She helps him realize that Kou is most likely to be hurting as well so he should go talk to her. Hirotaka first seemed uninterested in helping Nao, but Hirotaka is a good big brother and he told Nao that if she, a gamer, won’t show herself in real life then he can definitely find her in a game.

Hirotaka lets Nao borrow his account to search for Kou. Knowing Kou, they knew that she would be in the high-level areas and only Hirotaka’s character could get him there. Nao was so happy when he found her.

Nao quickly starts explaining himself. She was ready to escape when she found out it was Nao playing the character, she was afraid to face him. It looks cowardly, but I understand Kou. Social Anxiety is real.

Nao then apologizes to Kou in the game. During this part Hirotaka and Narumi were wondering why Kou wasn’t responding, but Nao understands Kou and he knows that she is there and needs time to respond.

After reading Nao’s apology, Kou panics. She was thinking the whole time that it was her fault. But she never thought that Nao would worry about her. She then feels bad for making Nao worry and think that he was the one at fault. Kou really sucks at translating her thoughts to words, but she tried to tell Nao that he shouldn’t worry.

But at that moment, a monster appeared and attacked Nao’s character. He panicked and wanted his brother to take over, but Hirotaka won’t because the monster will kill him if he stops even a second. But Kou helps Nao evade the monster until it was gone. Nao then tells Kou that Playing with her is the best!

Kou was so happy and they were back in good terms after that. Just look at her smile! They hang out again after school with Nao’s friends, Yokkun and Ken. They found out about Nao and Kou’s misunderstanding and both friends were actually worried. I originally thought that Nao’s friends were going to be assholes. But they are good friends like Nao.

Nao and Kou’s story in the manga is ongoing. But in the last part of Volume 7 we see more evidence that Nao x Kou is real. Kou is now more comfortable going to the arcade because of Nao, Yokkun, and Ken. She went to the Arcade alone one day and ran into Nao and Narumi. We know Kou assumed that Narumi was Nao’s girlfriend. She was Jealous, we know you Kou!

But that’s not the case. So Nao invites Kou to join them and she doesn’t know how to say No. This is the first time Kou meets Narumi and Hirotaka, she was nervous as usual. But Nao was there so Kou endured it. Nao knows that Hirotaka and Kou will get along right away because they are both hardcore gamers. He was right and Hirotaka compliments Kou’s gaming skills. Narumi was surprised as well.

Kou then found out that it was Narumi and Hirotaka who were together. Nao told her that he didn’t want to be a third wheel so he invited her. She was so happy! It was like a double date. They’re just good friends at this point, but this is a shojo manga and we know where this is going.

Kou and Nao really enjoy each other’s company. After Narumi and Hirotaka left, they went back to the arcade to play some more. I’m so happy that Kou is happy! Must protecc!

It’s great seeing Kou and Nao spend a lot of time together. Nao even bought a laptop so that he can play games with Kou without disturbing his brother. Hirotaka even enjoyed playing with them more with the addition of Kou. Nao is kind of difficult to read because he is so friendly. Though, I’m betting that he doesn’t treat Kou the same way he treats other girls! He knows when Kou feels nervous and when she has her social panic attacks.

Hirotaka is happy because he doesn’t have to worry about Nao anymore in the game. In this part, It is the first time I read Nao say Kou-chan! (In Japan they use “kun” after a name for boys and usually “chan” for girls)

This is the latest update in the Manga and Kou meets with Narumi again. This is very funny because Kou doesn’t remember Narumi’s name and face because she’s afraid of eye contact. A bit similar to Hirotaka again except he he just doesn’t care. Narumi is happy to meet with Kou, because she is Narumi, and she was happier finding out that Kou is also into Manga. We concluded that Nao is the only non-otaku among the main characters in this Manga.

I still can’t tell how Nao feels. But in this chapter, Nao offers Kou to share an umbrella when it was raining. Umbrella sharing in Japan is a very sweet gesture. Kou is very shy and can’t handle her feelings so she does what she does best and she runs away.

Narumi is obviously a Nao x Kou shipper. Nao caught up with Kou and shared an umbrella all the way to their College. Gasp. Nao also wiped off Kou’s wet hair. This is the last we see the two for now. I like to believe that Nao really likes Kou!

I’ve seen images online that Volume 8 of the Manga has been released. But there is still no update for now. I’m just so excited. I’d like to share these photos I found online. I don’t know if it is part of the original Manga though. Excited but will patiently wait!!

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