Anime and Manga

Is an Anime blog a bad idea?

The Anime and Manga content on the internet is vast. The competition is fierce and I can’t count the number of Anime blogs I’ve visited. Thus, I asked myself, Is being an Anime blogger really a bad idea? Yes actually. But is this going to stop me from making a blog about Anime and Manga? Nope, not really.

Just like every other Anime content creators we are doing this because we love it and we want to. I’m doing this because I enjoy writing about it. I have been blogging since High School, and I suck at sustaining a blog. Lord, I am thankful for this quarantine because I have revived my hobby at blogging.

I first revived my personal blog where I post about travel, love, my dogs, and even about the pandemic. I promised to produce one post per day. But thinking about what to write about on that blog is difficult. To me, If I really like a topic then the things I want to say usually rushes through my mind. A long time blogger once said that inspiration is for beginners, if you want to finish it then you should because you can. Yes, I can actually. But then it will be something that I cannot finish right away, and would not enjoy writing it. My personal blog is also too diversified, there is no topic in focus.

This was why I decided to create a new blog about an interest that I was sure I’d like to talk about and can talk about. This was Anime, Manga, and Live-Action films. After I made the blog, all the post ideas just came to me. There is so much material and content that the possibilities are endless! The frequency of my daily uploads in this blog is more than the personal one. I’m surprised with myself as well. The content is still very few, but it’s good to start somewhere. Don’t let the competition stop you. Blog about what you love!

If you are reading this line, I want to say Thank you for visiting my blog! I do hope you click that follow button. Cheers and have a great day! 🍮

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