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Haru, Natsu, Fuyu, and Aki

This is how the four seasons of the year are called in Japanese (にほんご). The Japanese characters placed are in Hiragana. I am trying to practice all the Hiragana characters as they are the easiest to me, for now, but each word also has their Kanji equivalent (i don’t know Kanji yet)

Haru (はる) is Spring.

Other words which Haru is used, Haru Yasumi (はるやすみ) is Spring Break, Haru iro (はるいろ) is Spring Color, and Haru no Kisetsu (はるのきせつ) is Spring Season.

Natsu (なつ) is Summer

Other words which Natsu is used, Natsu Meku (なつめく) means beginning to look like summer or Natsubate (なつばて) meaning summer heat fatigue.

Aki (あき) is Fall or Autumn

Other words which Aki is used, Aki Kaze (あきかぜ) is Autumn Wind, Shokuyoku no aki (食欲の秋 – sorry this is Kanji) means Autumn Appetite.

Fuyu (ふゆ) is Winter

Other words which Fuyu is used, Fuyu Gomori (ふゆごもり) is Winter Hibernation or Fuyu Yasumi (ふゆやすみ) which is Winter Vacation.

Sometimes going through Anime websites can be a bit of a weird ride. There are rated R contents that come up and I don’t like diving into. If your children are into Anime, I urge parental guidance wherever you are. I want people to know that all Hentai are Anime, but not all Anime are Hentai. I’m talking about this because I searched for Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu in google and then a Japanese erotic romance manga came up. So again, please be cautious especially if you are introducing anime to children.

There are many great websites where you can learn many Japanese words as well. Refer to my references below!

Quick Cebuano Trivia:

Cebuano is the dialect in Cebu, Philippines. We don’t have a local word equivalent to Spring, Fall, and Winter because we only have two seasons in the Philippines. We have Ting-Init and Ting-ulan. Ting-Init is synonymous to Summer as it literally means Hot Season. Ting-Ulan is Rainy or Wet Season.


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