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Fujoshi and Fudanshi

From the Takoboto Japanese Dictionary, the word Fujoshi (ふじょし) refers to a woman who likes comics depicting male homosexual love, and a Fudanshi (ふだんし) is the male version, as it refers to a male who likes comics depicting male homosexual love.

This used to be a derogatory term to the latter. But now it is widely used among the international community referring to fans who enjoy love stories among men, especially attractive Men. Yes, it refers to Gay love or Gay porn. Fujoshi’s enjoy fantasizing over BL (Boy Love) fiction and likes shipping men, not just in Anime but also in real life. I’m not a Fujoshi and knowing that they have a specific term tells us that the fandom has a significant population in the community. Personally, I was surprised that this is was a thing. Anyway, I found that there is a fair amount of Anime targeted for Fujoshis and Fudanshis, one example is Ouran High School Host Club.

For a more thorough discussion on these terms visit the sites references below.

Quick Cebuano Trivia:

In Cebu in the Philippines, the word Bayot usually refers to a gay, a male who acts like a lady and is sexually attracted to men. We have different terms for the LGBT community so it can be confusing. We have Trans, men who like men and has transformed themselves into a female. Then Maya usually refers to good looking or masculine-looking men who are attracted to men.


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