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The Charm of Hiroki Suzuki (鈴木拡樹)

Can we stop, take a breath, and appreciate the Japanese actor Hiroki Suzuki? He is a talented actor who has played roles in Musicals, Stage Plays, Movies, and he is the voice of Hyakkimaru in Dororo too.

Hiroko Suzuki
(Photo taken from Awesome, Inc.)

I first saw him take the role of Genjyo Sanzo in the Musical Plays of Saiyuki. These plays were held way back 2014 and 2015. I only saw clips of the Saiyuki God Child, Burial, and Reload on Youtube. Bless the soul of the uploader, It was in Japanese though. At first, I didn’t think that he fit Sanzo because he looked too small. But his acting is good and he even copied Sanzo’s arrogantly deep voice! I read that Genjyo Sanzo was his first lead role.

I think they don’t do those Saiyuki plays anymore though. Cry. In 2015 and 2017, Hiroki took another main role in the Stage Play of Noragami as Yato. I haven’t seen this one yet though, but here was how he looked like.

His other famous work is acting as Mikazuki Munechika in Toukken Ranbu. He played Mikazuki in the Touken Ranbu Stage play in 2016 and 2018. Including the Touken Ranbu Movie released last 2019. He’s shorter than how Mikazuki should be relative to the others in the Anime, but I really thought that he still pulled it off. He looks like a living Anime, to be honest. Touken Ranbu is still on my watch list. If you’ve seen both the anime and movie, do you think Hiroki did a good job? Here he is as Mikazuki.

Hiroki Suziki as Mikazuki Munechika
in Touken Ranbu Stage Play and Movie

In 2019, he played Kurama in the Yu Yu Hakushu Stage Play. Also quick trivia, In the Philippines we know this Anime by the name Ghost Fighter, and Kurama is known as Dennis. I grew up with this Anime. I haven’t found a full video on the Stage Play yet, but Hiroki did great in the action scenes with his vine whip. I’m so hyped making this post because he played a lot of cool characters.

Hiroki Suzuki as Kurama (Dennis)
in the Yu Yu Hakusho Stage Play

He did many Stage Plays, but I’ll cover a few and the ones I’m most familiar with. So lastly, he also played Hyakkimaru in the Dororo Stage Play and voiced the same character in the Anime, both in 2019. It’s so beautiful, I could cry again.

Hiroki Suzuki in his interviews sounds really nice, pleasant, and is always smiling. But the characters he portrays are mostly serious and bit dark, yet he manages to act them out very well. The list of Stage Plays he’s taken part in is really long. I can’t cover everything. This is also very timely because Hiroki’s Birthday is June 4, which just a few minutes more from now! Happy Birthday! おたんじょうびおめでとうございます! (I hope I spelled that right.)

Happy Birthday!!

I hope you enjoyed this read. Visit links in the References if you want to know more about Hiroki Suzuki!


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