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Wotakoi: Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose Story – Childhood [Part One]

Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose are the main couple of the Anime Wotakoi: Love is Hardt for an Otaku (Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii ヲタクに恋は難しい).

I just want to dedicate a post about this couple and for the people who love them. Note that there are spoilers ahead and all images were taken from the Manga and Anime.

Narumi and Hirotaka are childhood friends. Their friendship started when Narumi traded a toy collectible with Hirotaka. Narumi had the stronger monsters, but she liked Hirotaka’s collectible which had cute monsters.

Narumi had forgotten that moment, but Hirotaka never did. He was the one who reminded Narumi, then Narumi felt bad for not remembering.

They were neighbors and classmates from Elementary to Middle School. Narumi frequently visited the Nifuji’s home to play video games with Hirotaka and Nao, Hirotaka’s younger brother.

Ever since they were kids, Hirotaka and Narumi are both afraid of lightning and thunder. They found comfort through each other during thunderstorms.

Then even as adults they still relied on the other. Hirotaka still remembers the time when Narumi went to him when she was afraid of the thunder. Though Narumi, probably doesn’t recall.

It was only mentioned that they were close up until Middle School. But Hirotaka said that he got his ear pierced during high school. It’s possible that they still lived near each other during high school, but Narumi started going out with another guy. This was the saddest part of the Manga. Hirotaka got his ear pierced for Narumi, maybe hoping that she might notice him again.

The Manga is still ongoing at it’s currently in Chapter 47 (For Now). Maybe they will reveal more of Hirotaka and Narumi’s past. But we have this for now. Hirotaka clearly had strong feelings toward Narumi when they were young. Knowing his personality, he probably always thought that he wasn’t good enough. So he just resigned and stayed in his comfort zone which is playing games.

All that the flashbacks in the Manga were memories of Hirotaka. He is clearly a very intuitive person. He is emotional and an overthinker, but it doesn’t show in his face. I can attest that there are people like him in reality. Some of us just really suck at showing our emotions. We can wonder why Narumi and Hirotaka never got together when they were young. Well, maybe because it wasn’t their time yet. We can say that Hirotaka was too preoccupied with his games and Narumi gained other interests which were why they drifted apart. We have a scene when they were on a date that Hirotaka reflected on their life.

All the proof that Narumi was Hirotaka’s first love is all right in front of us. Nao even confirmed it!

This is just the first part of Narumi and Hirotaka. The post might be too long so I will be splitting this into two parts. I’m still waiting for the new chapter of this Series. I hope you enjoyed reading it!I hope you enjoyed reading it!n

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