Assassination Classroom · Live Action

Koro Sensei is real: Assassination Classroom Live-Action

Koro Sensei is brought to life. This live-action is actually good and Koro Sensei is not a creepy-looking animation mixed with real people.

This is a two-part movie and I was so glad that it was. The first part of this film came out in 2015 and the second one in 2016. Just like any other live-action, there were many cut scenes from the Anime and Manga that didn’t make it, and parts of it did feel rushed. But I still thought it was a good adaptation.

The first thing we notice in a live-action are the characters. I liked that they did not force the characters to have the exact same hair color and style in the anime. The movie felt realistic and it was still the Assassination Classroom like in the Anime and Manga.

Let’s start with Koro Sensei himself. He was voiced by Kazunari Ninomiya. I really enjoyed Koro Sensei in live-action, which makes you wish he was real. As a human, the same voice actor acted. Even though he is shorter than the Anime he still pulled it off and gave us the feels. I’m still wishing he and Aguri got a chance to be a couple as normal human beings.

Next, we have Nagisa Shiota. It turned out okay even if Nagisa didn’t have blue long hair. He was played by Ryosuke Yamada. I think he pulled of Nagisa’s personality. The character’s personality and appearance in a live-action is very important. The actor who played Nagisa had a cute face which is a must for Nagisa’s character.

Then we have Karma Akabane. Oh, I really liked the actor who played Karma. Maybe it would be better if they polished his hair a bit like Anime Karma though. The actor is Masaki Suda. He didn’t have the fangs but his face and acting were enough to capture Karma. I don’t know how others feel though. But personally, I really liked Nagisa and Karma in the live-action.

Third, we have Kaede Kayano who was played by Maika Yamamoto. The actress is really pretty and It was okay that they didn’t turn her hair green. But the hairstyle kind of looked a bit weird on her. There were some awkward moments for live-action Kayano though. I’m not so much on board with this one.

I’m not going to cover all the characters as there are too many. But they really captured them great like the other classmates, Aguri and Irina Sensei. Karasuma Sensei looked too old in the live-action, but he was a good actor.

For the story, especially in the 2nd movie many parts felt rushed. They tried too hard to put as many events as they can. For example, the part when Kayano trapped and attacked Koro-Sensei. It ended too soon after Nagisa kissed Kayano. They didn’t include bits of Kayano’s crush on Nagisa. It was weird how they added a character ( named Ayaka) who was like Nagisa’s love interest as It destroyed the idea of Nagisa x Kayano. I didn’t like that part.

Also, they did not include Koro Sensei’s student in the story. They made Yanagisawa as the antagonist who injects himself with the medicine to become like Koro-Sensei. Their fight was also weird because it ended too suddenly. It was an almost epic scene because the animation was lit. Yanagisawa’s transformation was great and I was really worried about Koro Sensei’s. But after Kayano was hurt, Koro Sensei went rage then defeated Yanagisawa in one blow. But there were some moments captured beautifully. I personally liked human Koro Sensei and Aguri moments. My favorite in the Anime and Live-action.

The movie altered many parts of the story to fit it into two movies. Sadly, it felt rushed. However, they kept the overall theme of the story which is Koro-Sensei. The movies are focused on Koro Sensei and his students, which kept the main essence of the Assassination Classroom. The ending, when they killed Koro Sensei, was kept similar to the Manga as well.

Overall, I actually enjoyed the live-action adaptation. Someone who saw the Anime and Manga will find many points to critique with regard to the content. But the animation was really good and it was a fun movie because of Koro Sensei! 🙂

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