Why do people hate Boruto?

Boruto, the son of Naruto. The child of the Hokage and Princess of the Hyuga Clan. When I started watching the series, I was told that it wasn’t good and it has so much hate. But hey, I’m a sucker for an anime that shows me the adult lives of the child characters I loved as a child.

So I gave it a shot, and surprisingly, I loved it! Well, not all of it. I specifically hated Boruto up to a point, but that was part of the plot. I’m going to list down the reasons I observed to why many people hate Boruto so much. My source is limited to the Anime as I have only read parts of the Manga. Also, this is not arranged based on anything. I’m writing based on what I remember.

1. Boruto is not Naruto.

I feel sorry for Boruto for being born looking like his father and then being hated for it. People feel like it’s a rip off of Naruto. But if you watched the series or Manga, Boruto is quite different from Naruto. In the delinquency and looks, they are the same, but Boruto is a bit more selfish than his father.

2. Boruto the Brat

Oh yes, He definitely is. But we need to consider that Boruto grew up very comfortably as the son of prominent persons in the village. I assume Naruto and Hinata spoiled their children. Being Naruto, who grew up alone, I think its natural for him to want to give his children the best things. Boruto has a computer, game consoles, and eats fast food as much as he wants. He is really a brat. This was what pisses many of the viewers off. They hate that Boruto is disgracing Naruto’s name. We all knew how Naruto worked his ass up to become the greatest shinobi and here comes his son making fun of him.

People should understand that this scenario is common in reality. Parents who succeeded in their careers raise spoiled children who didn’t understand the hard work they did before becoming who they are. Even if other people tell them how great their parent is, a child-like Boruto only cares what is present. He just wants attention and love from his Father. But all of this is part of Boruto’s development. As the story progresses, he becomes more mature. You need to stick with the story to see how it goes.

3. Powerful Children

Another complain that Naruto fans have is that Boruto and his gang are too good than their Parents at their age. Naruto fans enjoyed Naruto and the gangs development from normal kids to highly skilled Shinobi’s. It was a bit of annoying to see. But just think about it in real life. Kids of today are learning calculus far earlier than the previous generations. The advanced educational system that was developed during the peace times can be a cause. Plus, their parents are already great Shinobi’s so they trained their children early. Like Shikadai who learned his Shadow technique before going to the academy.

The children took their training but it was never really showed that much. I mean Boruto’s time in the academy before becoming Genin was very short. So they obviously did a lot of training, it just wasn’t shown. But they did make Boruto like a genius kid who can learn fast, which I think was intentional to hasten the story.

Also, Naruto was a very long and detailed story. Boruto is titled with Naruto Next Generation and the Anime started with Adult Boruto. I don’t think creators plan on making Boruto as long as Naruto. The child story is like a flashback for us to understand who is Boruruto and what happened to Naruto in the future. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it for now.

4. Weak Shinobi’s

The most annoying thing to me was seeing older Shinobis getting beat up by kids. We could say that Shinobis are getting dull because of the peacetimes, but I still think it was too much. Yep, I didn’t like this part. It was like only the main Naruto cast were kept as powerful older shinobis. Some of the Kages were useless as well.

5. Housewife Hinata

I’ve read a lot of hate to Hinata who stayed as a Housewife. I really didn’t see anything wrong with this one. Most of the people who reacted were Westerners, which I understand culture-wise. But being a housewife in Asia, especially Japan, is nothing to be frowned upon. Knowing Hinata, she was never really built or up to becoming a fighter. She also mentioned in an episode to Boruto that she did her best in becoming a ninja because of Neji, and it is also mandatory as an heir to the Hyuga clan’s royal family. I’m sure Hinata can do a good job as a tracking Shinobi.

Though, I’m betting that she and Naruto agreed that she stayed in the House considering Naruto’s occupation. It is very common in Japan for successful men to choose their wives to stay at home, and the women take pride in it. Hinata, I suspect, is okay with it as well. It’s something that many Westerners and western-influenced ladies will have difficulty in comprehending.

Some will argue that Sakura is working despite being a single mother. Sakura had always been independent and really wanted to be a ninja. Plus we don’t even know if Sasuke can regularly send his financial support. So naturally, Sakura has to work.

6. Shikamaru’s married life is too similar to Shikaku’s

Some people complained about why Shikamaru’s family is too similar to Shikaku. Maybe they hoped that Shikamaru married a woman like Hinata? But it just won’t fit for Shikamaru.

What I like in Boruto is how many situations are close to real life. Many children subconsciously become their parents eventually. Most especially, in the aspect that they didn’t understand or disliked. Karma is real and it’s evident in the cycle in families. Shikamaru never understood and complained why his father married such an angry woman. Karma did it’s part when Shikamaru fell in love with Temari, a woman similar to his mother.

7. Shino

Oh, Shino. I was really sad to see how Shino turned out. I wasn’t sad that he became a teacher, but his self-esteem is nowhere and they could at least have given him a girlfriend or love interest. All he has is his Kurama toy. I cry.

I was sad seeing Shino gets bullied by his students. But then again, I know many adults who turned out like Shino. Adulting is hard and not everyone lives up to our potential like how Naruto did.

8. Missions are too high level

There are also complaints that Boruto’s first mission was already a class S compared to naruto who had menial first missions. I do agree with this.

9. New Team 7

The new Team 7. Originally, they weren’t supposed to be Team 7. But Sarada requested for it. You can’t blame her though since both her parents, who she looks up to, and the Hokage she idolizes are all in Team 7. But I think it would be better if they had a different number.

The new Team is nothing like the original Team 7. I saw on the internet saying that they are more like the Legendary Sannin ( Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru). I agree, considering as well that their mentor is Konohamaru who is the grandson of the Third Hokage, the Legendary Sannin’s mentor.

These are my thoughts and observations on why Boruto got much hate. But overall, I actually enjoy the series. I believe Boruto was made for the new generation and the Naruto generation are adults now. Viewing time is much limited for adults, to be honest. Boruto is also a way for new viewers to get into Naruto. That’s what I think though.

It’s also really fun watching the original Naruto characters as Adults. I live for the moments when they show family moments. It’s very wholesome and I believe those moments were created for ol

The Manga and Anime are still ongoing. I still need to start with th Manga though. Hope you enjoyed reading. Do you agree with my thoughts? If not let me know. Cheers!

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