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Saiyuki’s Brother: Bus Gamer

Bus Gamer is another Manga created by Kazuya Minekura, the creator of Saiyuki. Bus Gamer is short for Business Gamer as it is the main theme of the story.

It’s a very short Manga with only 11 chapters and an Anime with only 3 episodes. But the story is good and will leave you asking for more. I attest to this statement as many viewers were bummed that it ended so fast.

Bus Gamer was also created around early 2000 and the anime aired in 2008. So the animation is fairly different from the Anime today. New viewers who like the modern Anime style probably won’t be much of a fan. But if you like Saiyuki and shounen Anime with a bit of drama with an all guys protagonist then I definitely recommend watching Bus Gamer.

I honestly think it is underrated. The Anime was loyal to the Manga. They still changed bits to fit it in 3 episodes, but the general theme of the story was kept.

For the design, the Manga looks way better than the Anime. The author is very detailed in her art that the Anime isn’t able to capture everything. I can say the same thing with Saiyuki.



The Bus Game is to protect a disc containing the represented company’s confidential data and to retrieve the disc of the other team. Each stage of the game will 2 teams competing. They will play the Home Team and Away Team. The Home Team will stay in a base and have an area advantage, while the Away Team will charge to the base. Their goal is to get the opposing teams disc at any cost and method. It’s a pretty violent game, but the prize is worth 1 Billion. Our protagonists agree with the terms because they need the money for purposes that were not really explained in the Manga and Anime. It’s pretty frustrating. But there’s almost no chance of the Manga progressing as the Author has health problems and I think they are focusing more on Saiyuki.

The protagonists are 3 guys who were recruited to be in a team. I think the characters are also what makes the story good. They are interesting and you would want to know more about them. But again, the Manga really feels incomplete. I’m unsure if there is more material from the author in Nihonggo. My sources are limited to English websites.

Mishiba Toki

Click the link to learn more about Mishiba. I really like his character, but I do think he is the most popular among the fans for obvious reasons.

Nakajyo Nobuto

Click the link to learn more about Nakajou. It will direct you to an informative website about Anime. Now, this character will remind you of Sha Gojyo, but a more serious version.

Saitoh Kazuo

Click the link to learn more about Saitoh. He is a child despite his mature appearance. The most lovable and annoying among the three.

I also like opening and ending theme songs. Most especially the opening, It really fits the theme. Then I found that the opening song was composed by the author herself, which is great. I’d like to share with you the opening song. Click here.

Bus Gamer is not recent and not a mainstream Anime. But I personally liked the story and the characters. If you are a Saiyuki fam, I think you will enjoy it as well. But if not, maybe not so much.

Thank you for reading until the end. I never thought writing about Anime would be this fun. Cheers!

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