Anime and Manga

Why Closet Weebo?

A feel-good blog about Anime, Manga, and Jdorama.

I am admittedly, a Closet Weeb. I’m sorry, I am not proud of it. I don’t openly talk about my love for anime with my colleagues because they don’t share the same interests. They can’t really relate. I have sort of, given up looking for friends who also like the same Anime, my kind of Anime at least. But I really want talk about it openly.

I admire people who can talk about their Anime and Manga openly. They are honest with themselves. Many of them are also lucky to have friends who share the same hobbies and interests. I’m not sure if this is a good name for a blog, but I want to label this with what I am today. I want to create a place where I can openly talk about the Anime and Manga that I have watched, want to watch, lessons I have learned, and the characters that I like. Hopefully, if this blog thrives, I gain confidence.

Please be kind and comment if you have suggestions. Thank you for reading until the end!

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